New books on the shelf!

Hi there,

as already announced: now available in our Library Collection:

Brand new Aviation titles!

Aviation new titles

Most of you enjoy the weather (do we have to enjoy this weather also inside the building?!) outside the Library which is totally understandable!! ;-)

But maybe you’d like to jump in, grab some books and jump out of the library again!! ;-)

If not, I’m pretty sure that they won’t run away so there should be plenty of time to borrow them… (please excuse my special 35 °C – inside the building – humour…) :-)

A big hello to all the brave students who study inside the library…

Have a very nice weekend! :-)

Your LIS team

Did you know?

You all know the DigiLIS – some call it platform, some call it the catalogue of our digital collection.

All parts of our digital collection are listed with the information about their content, we’ve added keywords for the search and also enriched it with the description of how to get on and off campus access .

But remember: it still is a catalogue which leads you to the information tool. You can search with keywords and search through the description of the tools. To access the fulltext, you just have to click on the link which directs you f.e. to the database or the ebook.

Any questions left? You don’t know when the library is open today? Just click HERE.

We hope that you’re having a good time,

kind regards,

your LIS team.

Introducing Gregory N. Mankiw as a blogger

Having such a great weather invites you to enjoy the weather outside with a nice, cold soft drink. Think about how lucky you are, that reading our post is also possible via mobile device. ;-)

Some of you know Gregory N. Mankiw as a famous author of books like “Macroeconomics”, “Economics” or “Principles of Economics” which are – of course – all part of our library collection.

But do you know that the professor and chairman of the economics department of Harvard University is also a blogger?

Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Random Observations for Students of Economics

Check it out! :-)

Kind regards,

your LIS team.

How can I make my (research!) life easier?

Many of our information tools (Databases, the Library Catalogue but also Special Search Engines like BASE) offer tools to make your life easier!

Create your personal favorite list! This service is available f.e. in your LIS online catalogue and in the WISOnet database.

Create your own folder in EBSCOhost! You can define your own structure within the folder with subfolders for example. No chaos in your documents anymore! ;-)

Save your search! If you’ve created a search alert, no need to start the same search again and again. You’ll be informed by email about new results in the database. Emerald, EBSCO and WISO offer this service.

You have your favorite journal? You can create a your journal alert. Again, you’ll be informed if a new issue is available.

And, the best tool: if you want to cite your EBSCO article in APA Style, just choose the article and click on the “cite”-item on the right. The database offers you several styles, you just have to choose the right one. ;-)

Any questions left? Need a quick fresh up? No problem. You know where to find us. ;-)

Your LIS team.

Did you know?

It’s time to focus on our great print journal collection.

Some of you have noticed that we offer around 190 print journals in the Journal Room. Many of them are highly specialized (Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation, etc.).

The current issue is in front of the journal box but part of the reference collection, so every user has the option to read it in the library. Of course, the other issues can be borrowed regularly.

We also offer print papers like the International New York Times, the Financial Times, das Handelsblatt, die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and more.

Not mentioned by now are the magazines. Some of them, nearby the entry and the exit, are for free. Just ask us, we’ll show them to you.

Take your time to discover the library collection. :-)

We wish you a very nice weekend!

Your LIS team.



New Books on the Shelf!

We’ve just received several new books on the shelf!

  • 101 Hotel Bath & Spas
  • Family Tourism
  • Tourism and Development
  • Volunteer Tourism
    and many more!

IMG_20150625_110831Don’t miss the newest title of Willy Legrand, Philip Sloan and Clare Hindley!

The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Food and Gastronomy

On the shelf in print and additionally in our EBSCO eBook Collection. :-)


Coming next as new member of the library collection:

brand new Aviation titles!

Did you know?

Did you know? What if you miss a book in our library collection?

Supposed, you’ve started your search and you’ve found a book which is perfect for your scientific work. But, sadly it is not part of our library collection.

Of course, there are many ways for you to react: you could get angry, be disappointed or frustrated. :-/

But you could also be smart and contact the LIS staff. :-)

We love to meet you in person, but you could also write an email to or use the “Book Request Form” in CARE / Administration / LIS / Book Request Forms / Book Suggestion Online Form.

What happens next?

We’ll check if the book can be bought for our print collection or – if not – if it can be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan Service. For this service we have to charge a small service fee.

If you have any additional questions about this service, feel free to ask. :-)

But – as always – it is very important, that you start searching for your information (information means books, articles, etc.) as soon as possible.

We wish you a happy day!

Your LIS team.